Used Transmissions 

Repairing or replacing a transmission can be difficult for many reasons. Buffalo Engine Components removes one common difficulty by maintaining a massive inventory of used car parts for sale. When you need any type of transmission parts, Buffalo Engine Components is certain to have a working one in stock, ready for delivery.

Great Selection of Parts

At Buffalo Engine Components, we are constantly collecting used transmission cores, which we then break down into individual parts. These parts are fully sorted, labeled, and tested for quality. At any given time, our inventory is filled with just about every type of transmission part that exists for just about every single type of vehicle. These parts are then made available for sale to all buyers. We sell to distributors, individual resellers, automotive repair facilities, and to individual vehicle owners. The only thing we don't offer is new or rebuilt transmissions ready for installation.

Ask About Our Supply

Listing thousands of used car parts online takes an enormous amount of time and manpower. We are always adding to our online supply, but not all of our used car parts can be found from an online search. That doesn't mean we don't have access to the parts. If you are looking for a specific transmission part and don't see it on our website, simply call our shop at 716.893.2661 and speak with a customer service representative. Odds are that we can sell you the part that you are looking for, or a similar part that will work just as well.

We have a variety of used engine parts from many makes and models. Everything from Ford and GM to Toyota and Nissan, we have the parts that will help you complete your project!

Make Your Order Today

With thousands of used auto parts and hundreds of used transmission parts always in stock, there is no better place to get your transmission parts than Buffalo Engine Components. Contact us today to make your purchase.

Used Transmission Products