Auto Parts - Transmission Processing


Our Transmission Processing Department currently focuses on sorting, categorizing and labeling used transmissions and components received from scrap yards across the Northeastern United States and Southeastern Canada.

Some transmissions are torn down and sold as individual components, whereas others are left whole and sold to major remanufacturing or distribution companies across the United States.  We also retain a large portion of the torn down "hard parts" components in house and distribute them as good used parts to local shops and website sales.  You may see our current inventory available HERE.  Please note that the store is still a work in progress, and a majority of hard parts are not yet available online.  Please feel free to call the shop at 716-893-2661 and ask for Transmission Parts to see what we have on hand.

We do not currently offer any new or rebuilt transmissions that may be bought and placed right into your personal vehicle. However, you can find our different transmission rebuild kits and get high quality components to rebuild your transmission on your own.


Some of the parts we currently buy are:

  • Automatic Trans Cores (not for resale)
  • Standard Trans Cores (not for resale)
  • Transfer Case Cores (not for resale)
  • Toque Converter Cores (not for resale)


Please note that none of the above-listed products are available new.  All of our scrap engine and transmission components are used non-tested products.  We do not currently offer any new or rebuilt engines or transmissions that can just be placed into your vehicle.  If you are looking for transmission components, please call our office and ask for the Transmission Parts Department, or browse our Web Catalog.

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