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New Employees

If you are interested in becoming an employee at Buffalo Engine Components, you may reach out to our warehouse supervisor, Joe M. at 716-893-2661, and ask for more information. We currently hire using a temp agency, which will convert to full-time employment at the end of your contract period if we are happy with your work.


Current Employees

You may download the TimeWorks app in order to view your time cards, view your NYS Sick Leave accrual, view your Vacation balance, and request time off at the following links:

Google Play Store 
Apple Store 
Web Browser Access 

You may view the following rules and regulations related to your employment in New York State by clicking any of the links below:

FML Rules

FLSA Notice

NYS Employment Postings 

Federal Employment Postings - English - Spanish 

Premium Assistance Under Medicaid and the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) 

Notice of Compliance - New York State Disability Benefits 

Notice of Compliance - New York State PFL Benefits 

Notice of Compliance - New York State Worker's Compensation Benefits 

New York State Worker's Compensation Pharmacy Benefits

Unemployment Notice to Employees 

NYS Sexual Harassment Policy - Sexual Harassment Complaint Form 

NYS HERO Act Plan (Coming Soon!)

Right to Monitor Workplace Notice 

OSHA Posting - English - Spanish 

OSHA 300 Notice to Employees (2023 in Progress)

401k Safe Harbor Notice

Veterans Benefits

Lawley Insurance Benefits (Other)


You may view and download the following documents to update your employee information with the company. Please turn them in to the HR department to complete your updates:

Employee Information Change (Phone number, address, etc.)

NYS IT-2104 Tax Form

Federal W-4 Tax Form

Direct Deposit Change Form

401k Withholding Change Form

401k Personal Information Change Form

401k Beneficiary Change Form