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Toyotas are one of the best cars on the market for longevity. It is not uncommon to see Toyotas on the road that have years or hundreds of thousands of miles behind them. Because of their excellent build quality, they seem to last forever. But the reality is, not every car lasts forever. But you may be able to replace parts as needed to help save on the cost of having to purchase a new car, which is inevitably going to be way more expensive. 

If your Toyota transmission is something that ends up breaking down, Buffalo Engine Components has the Toyota transmission rebuild kits that will allow you to rebuild your transmission at a very reasonable price. Our transmission rebuild kits are all composed of brand new items from vendors that specialize in the components in the kit.


Why Choose Buffalo Engine COMPONENTS?

We have plenty of years of experience in the industry and have a large facility that processes used parts. Being in the industry for so long has given us a chance to form connections with excellent vendors for our rebuild kits. We are a DIYers dream source for auto parts. Whether you need brand new transmission rebuild kits or other used parts to build a different aspect of your car, we have you covered.  We also have a convenient online store with an extensive inventory and a search function to help expedite your purchase. You can also find the exact part you are looking for.

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Call us for questions about our Toyota Transmission Rebuild kits. Our experts will be happy to assist you in any way we can. 

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