Auto Parts - Torque Converters

Our Torque Converter department is split into two different divisions.

The first division involves our used core business.  Transmissions are often sold to us with the torque converter still attached, and when the transmission is torn down the core is saved.  Any retail sales of torque converters also require a core return, and these returns are processed in the used core division.  These converters are then processed as scrap, or sold to many other remanufacturing companies for resale.
The second division involves our retail store.  We currently stock torque converters remanufactured by Dacco/Transtar, (Green/Silver paint) and Total Transmissions Chicago (Orange paint).  
Click here for a comprehensive list of the remanufactured torque converters we sell.  You may also use this list to order your converter from our web store.

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We are proud to be the go-to supplier of used torque converters for Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, NY and anywhere that has an internet conneciton. If you are having any troubles ordering a torque converter from our website or you can't find the one you are looking for, we encourage you to call our shop and speak to one of our staff who is more than willing to help in every way we can! 


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