used engine partUsed Car Engine Parts

If you are a DIYer or you have a car that needs engine replacement parts, we have you covered. We have an extensive inventory of used car engine parts. These parts are a great way to repair or rebuild your engines instead of having to buy a completely new engine. We have an extensive inventory of used car engine parts for a variety of makes and models. At Buffalo Engine Components, we have an engine processing department that currently focuses on sorting, categorizing, and labeling used engine blocks and components. 

Engines are complex machines that can often have a lot of small parts. Our experts piece out engines we receive from scrap yards in the U.S. and Canada to give us the great inventory set that we have today. This provides our customers with such a large variety of used engine car parts. 


engine partOur Brands Of Car Engine Parts

  • Transmission
  • Adjustable Vacuum Switch
  • Rebuild Kits
  • Valves
  • Pistons
  • Electronics
  • Bands
  • Drums
  • Pumps
  • Hard Parts
  • Filters
  • Planets



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