Transmission Rebuild Kits For Rochester, NY

Buffalo Engine Components proudly services our neighbors over in Rochester, NY with excellent transmission rebuild kits for a variety of makes and models. In fact, you don’t have to be in Rochester to get your hands on one of our transmission rebuild kits. As long as you have internet access and live in the U.S., we can ship directly to you! 

Our transmission rebuild kits are brand new, made up of parts that we’ve purchased from vendors that specialize in the manufacturing of those parts. 


Why Choose Buffalo Engine?

Sometimes, people want to see the real thing before purchasing, which is great when you can take a drive to our location and back in less than a day. Chances are if you need a transmission rebuild kit, you are undertaking a big project, so why not spend the little extra time coming down to the store and making sure you get the right product you want. You can certainly call us and ask about it before you do anything. We have dedicated departments and staff members eager to help you get the parts you need at prices you can't beat! 

Because of our extensive inventory, we recommend that you use the search function on the website to find the exact product you need. Please feel free to call us and ask about any specific kits or parts you are looking for or are interested in.

Transmission Rebuild Kits By Brand


Buy Online Or Contact Us

You can buy directly from our website and have your transmission rebuild kits shipped directly to your home! Again, if you do not see the kits that you need, give us a call at 716.893.2661. We have connections and can likely get you the parts you need! 

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