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Looking for General Motors transmission rebuild kits? Well look no further than Buffalo Engine Components! We carry a large variety of transmission rebuild kits for all kinds of makes and models. Our General Motors transmission rebuild kits are brand new, from reputable vendors. We do this because making sure that you are able to place all the completely worn out components within your transmission will yield a greater result. 

Although we provided many used auto parts, our transmission rebuild kits are brand new! Our vendor specializes in these parts, making sure they are of high quality. General Motors are amazing vehicles, but sometimes even the best vehicles break down after miles and miles of use


Why Choose Buffalo Engine Components?

Along with our General Motors transmission rebuild kits, we offer a wide range of used General Motors parts. Think of us as a one-stop-shop. wBeing in the industry for so long and having the benefits of a large facility has allowed us to gain tremendous amounts of knowledge. We also have connections and networks that will help make sure you get the parts you need. 

Transmission rebuild kitOur General Motors Kits

General Motors Transmission Rebuild Kits

  • 400, 3L80, 4L80E, 4L85E
  • 6T40, 6T45 (FORD 6F35)
  • 440-T4, 4T60, 4T60E, 4T65E
  • 4T40E, 4T45E
  • 180, 180C, 3L30, 4L30E
  • 6T70, 6T75 (FORD 6F50, 6F55)
  • 700-R4, 4L60, 4L60E, 4L65E, 4L70E
  • 6L45, 6L50, 6L80, 6L90
  • ALLISON 1000, 2000
  • 5L40E, 5L50E
  • 4T80E
  • 250, 250C, 350, 350C

125, 125C, 3T40

200-4R, 200, 200C, 325-4L



VT20-E VT25-E

8L45 8L90

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