Buffalo, NY Ford Auto Parts   

Your vehicle is bound to perform poorly if some of its vital parts are not working as they should. Using reliable parts is essential if you want to retain the vehicle's efficiency and optimal performance. Getting your Ford car parts from an authentic parts supplier is what's going to make or break your auto repair. 

Aftermarket Parts vs. OEM parts  

When your car or truck breaks down, you have the choice of either taking it to an independent shop or a dealer's auto shop. Normally, an independent shop will provide you with used auto parts while most dealer's shops provide OEM parts. While OEM and used auto parts are quite similar in the way they operate, the former are made by the manufacturer or their dealer. OEM parts are made exactly like the original parts. However, they are quite costly compared to used or aftermarket parts.

Buffalo, NY Used Ford Auto PartsWhy choose Buffalo Engine Components?

Some of the reasons that place us ahead of competition include:

  • We provide you with genuine parts 

  • You can order parts online
  • Personalized customer service

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