Aluminum Sweat Furnace Division


Over the years, buying and selling automotive scrap metal has added to Buffalo Engine Components' diversity.  In February, 2016, BEC completed the installation of two 6MM BTU/HR MAX4000SP Aluminum Sweat Furnaces to further compliment its core scrap business.

Each single pour RSI sow that is produced weighs approximately 2,000 pounds. Since only scrap aluminum engines and transmissions from our core business are used in our re-melt process, this results in a product with a consistent chemistry.

Sample buttons for each load will be provided, and a report of the chemistry of each sow can be produced upon request.

 Aluminum Sweat Furnace

 Aluminum Sweat furnace Buffalo, NY

Scrap Metal Scrap Furnace

Aluminum scrap metal sweat  furnace


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