77900X - F4A51 F5A51 F4A5A A5GF1 A5HF1 PAN GASKET

F4A51 F5A51 F5A5A A5GF1 A5HF1

Buffalo Engine Components Inc (BEC) is a multi-faceted family owned and operated corporation.


Established in 1981 Buffalo Engine Components buys and supplies used automotive parts/cores for the remanufacturing industry. We are a warehouse distributor of new and used transmission parts and cores. Buying and selling automotive scrap metal has added to our diversity.


Our transmission retail shop has recently gone online, allowing customers an easier way to shop for the best priced automatic transmissions parts.  Feel free to call our shop at (716) 893-2661 and speak to a sales representative if you are unsure of any part applications.


Welcome to our family business. We look forward to serving you, and don't forget, WE ANSWER YOUR CALL.

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